Add a Pigtail to XTAR VC2 Charger in 15min

So I lately I have been switching most of my projects over to Lithium Ion 18650 batteries.  I had an older XTAR VC2 charger laying around that I really like, it had been used for charging my vaporizer batteries.  Its been a great charger, but one of the things that bugs me with it is trying to use flat top batteries or batteries that are already prewired up.

After messing around with aligator clips and compression fittings, decided to just add in a charging wire that I could put whatever connector on there that I wanted.  (I really like those screw on DC barrel connectors…) This also beats using my lab supply for charging individual cells. (Although I am still using it for charging battery packs that are in series config)

Turned out to be incredibly simple, and only took me about 15min!  Mostly wanted to post to start setting the formatting for writing out my current and future projects.

charger-10The charger in question.

Screws and pads removed
Hole drilled for wire pair
You can easily see the traces, but I double checked for continuity.
Pre-tin wires
Solder on to pads and use some hot glue for strain relief.
All done! Easy as can be.
Charging the battery. I don’t think the charger would be too happy charging two batteries in parallel with different voltages, so for now I just have a piece of tape as a note on the first charging slot saying not to use the pigtail and slot 1 at the same time.